Why Choose Vector?

A fundamental prerequisite when developing a building or site is accurate information on which to base your scheme.
A survey can help in this respect, by determining the physical dimensions of a site or building.
Resulting plans will typically provide information on boundaries, existing services, location of adjacent buildings and the general site topography.

Equipped with state of the art survey equipment, our experienced surveyors can provide you with digital data, delivered on time and at a reasonable cost.
Robotic total stations that track the surveyor as he collects data provide for fast efficient data collection. In addition laser technology permits data capture of remote or inaccessible detail.
Hand held laser distance meters interfaced with a tablet pc allow for work up & verification of plans on site in real time. Even our vehicles have been transformed into mobile offices with an AC power supply and a variety of kit to cope with most eventualities on site.

High quality plans are always a good investment. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our dedication to quality assurance.
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